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Old 04-02-2019, 11:11 PM
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Default EOC Connection [Guide]

Hello All,

I know there are many other posts that troubleshoot connection help when it comes to EOC as well as the wiki, but I still see a lot of posts that are asking for help. I'm hoping this helps others, as it's a process I go through any time I have issues connecting.

Step 1) Opening Ports

First, go to https://www.canyouseeme.org/ and add your IP address and make sure "Port" is 3306. If you don't know your IP you can go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ and use the IPv4 line.

If it doesn't say "Success" then port 3306 is closed!

To open your ports:

- Go to your firewall. In Windows 10 just click the Windows button in the bottom left and start typing Windows Defender Firewall.

- Right click Inbound Rules > New Rule

- Click Port > TCP & Specific local ports. Enter 3306 and click Next

- Click Allow the connection, click Next

- On the next screen leave all 3 boxes checked, click Next

- Name your rule anything you want

Now you need to open the port on your router.

- Go to your router page. This is usually in your web browser

- It varies by the router, but find the Firewall or Ports page. Mine is under Advanced and Port Forwarding, yours may be similar

- Make sure the Type is TCP&UDP, Start and End Port is 3306

Now check https://www.canyouseeme.org/. It should say Success now if it didn't before.

Step 2) Setting Up HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL comes with the server installation, but whatever database editing program you use is what you'll need to do the following steps in.

- Open HeidiSQL and click Manage user authentication and privileges

- Click Add

- Your Username is whatever you want as well as the password. The From Host can either be % or Using % will allow any connection whereas will only allow EOC, therefore it is more secure, but either will work.

- Ensure you have Global privileges checked!

Step 3) Connecting to EOC

- Go to http://eoc.akkadius.com/EOC2/login.php

- Line 1 is YOUR IP address. You can use https://www.whatismyip.com if you don't know.

- Line 2 is your database name, "peq" (no quotes) by default

- Line 3 is the username you setup in HeidiSQL in the previous step and Line 4 is the password

- Click Verify connection

And you should be in! I tried breaking this down Barney style for people who may not be technologically inclined (as I am not either). Again, Akkadius laid it out well in his post about EOC and in the wiki, but hopefully this helped someone.
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